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The demon is rising! Formed in 2018 from the beer-soaked music scene of Hastings (UK), Ditch the Demon is a rising powerhouse of rock, assimilating power metal, psych and prog under a dark yet uplifting aura.

The band’s sound is driven by the soaring, haunting vocals of Amanda Brooks-Byron and seasoned musicianship of Karl Mee (guitar), Terry Keen (keyboards), Steph Bennion (bass) and Neil Warman (drums). Together they perform a shape-shifting set of exceptional and inventive self-penned songs.

"...East Sussex's answer to Blood Ceremony, and full-length debut 'Ain't Dead Yet' is a hugely enjoyable mix of psych, prog and garage goth. Brooks-Byron surely spent her teenage nights before a mirror miming to Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux and Coven's Jinx Dawson..." (Grant Moon, Prog Magazine, issue 150)

Influences driving the band's music are diverse. The spiritual roots of Ditch the Demon can be traced to seminal band Coven, whose 1974 album “Blood on the Snow” inspired the band to forge their own contemporary alt-metal twist on classic psych rock. The band's distinctive alt-metal sound is perhaps closest to that of contemporary 'occult rock' acts like Green Lung, Ruby the Hatchet and Lucifer.

Ditch the Demon released their first full-length album "Ain't Dead Yet" in December 2023. The band previously released a debut eponymous two-track EP in 2020.

Theatrical but without going over the top, the live shows of Ditch the Demon are captivating for their energy and tightness. See Upcoming Gigs for where to catch them in action and list of previous gigs.

For fans of: Blood Ceremony, Epica, Evanescence, Green Lung, Lucifer (and Coven!).

CONTACT DETAILS: If you've come straight to this page, you're no doubt already in contact with Mandie. For any other queries, please use the Contact Form on the main page.

AIN'T DEAD YET (latest release)

Ain't Dead Yet (album)

Released: 1 December 2023
Digital distribution by Prozakville Records, catalogue no. PZVR 101

Twelve tracks of psych/prog light 'n' shade... Recorded April and May 2023 at Broadoak Park Studios, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex. Engineered by Glen Mitchel, Martyn Lee and Ditch the Demon.

Ain't Dead Yet was produced, mixed and mastered by Harvey Summers, an English composer, producer and sound engineer with over 30 years experience. Harvey has worked as a mastering engineer, mixer and remixer for artists such as Factory, Mumm-Ra and Steeleye Span on critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums.

Harvey also established Broadoak Park Studios, which features a mixing desk from Olympic Studios in Barnes, London, famously used by legendary rock artists such as David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and Queen in the 1970s. Martyn 'Gripper' Lee took the helm of Broadoak in 2023.


Prog Magazine, Issue 150: Grant Moon, "And Last But Not Least" (June 2024)

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"...Discovery Of The Month has to be Amanda Brooks-Byron, the sensational front woman for Hastings' Ditch the Demon. They're East Sussex's answer to Blood Ceremony, and full-length debut 'Ain't Dead Yet' is a hugely enjoyable mix of psych, prog and garage goth. Brooks-Byron surely spent her teenage nights before a mirror miming to Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux and Coven's Jinx Dawson. Like the band itself, she has range, power, character, and a cheeky glint in that (presumably) thickly mascara'd eye. Bet these guys are great live..."

* * *

Metal Junkbox: Blog review of album track "Night Before the Storm" (April 2024)

"We will continue our journey through the musical world, this time we will fly to the most Heavy Metal island in the world, we are going to the United Kingdom!! We will present the band known as Ditch The Demon!!!

"With a lot of originality, weight, creativity and a great base of influences, among which I highlight Power metal, Melodic Metal and Prog Metal, the band uses and abuses its musical capacity and delivers heavy, intense songs, full of feeling and aggression! If you want to know a good band, I recommend you listen to Ditch The Demon!!

"'Night Before The Storm' is a song that starts in a very intense way, making it clear that the band spares no effort to deliver quality material. With an exquisite execution, the song develops increasingly and manages to cover a whole range of nuances that are part of the band's musical influences that deserve your attention! Check it out!!"


Ditch the Demon at the Tap & Tumbler in Nottingham

Ditch the Demon at Kimbofest, Chatham

Mandie of Ditch the Demon
Ditch the Demon outside the Dublin Castle in Camden

Ditch the Demon at the Carlisle Rock Bar in Hastings

Ditch the Demon and Camper Van Helsing

Photo credits: Andy Jamieson (1); Kimbofest (2); Rob Looker (3, 4, 6); Richie Nice (5).


MANDIE (vocals)
Centre stage, front. Microphone and stand, monitor.

KARL (guitar)
Stage left, front. Guitar amplifier, power outlet for effects pedals, monitor.

STEPH (bass / backing vocals)
Stage right, front. Microphone and stand, bass amplifier, power outlet for effects pedals, monitor.

TERRY (keyboards)
Stage right, rear. DI box (mono), monitor.

NEIL (drums)
Centre stage, rear. Standard right-handed kit, drum microphone set, monitor.

stage plan


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